Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2017


2017 home interior design trends are about you and your family’s needs, wants, and tastes. Translation? Functionality, personal style, ease, comfort, and warmth are key elements you’ll likely consider when making your home interior decisions this year.

Let’s break down the Top 10 Home Design Trends for 2017 and how those trends may relate to your home interior decisions.

Amazon Echo | LG Smart InstaView Fridge | SimpleHuman Sensor Can

Amazon Echo | LG Smart InstaView Fridge | SimpleHuman Sensor Can


Smart Home Features and Spaces

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at the beginning of this month featured products and appliances dedicated to making your home smart.

Everything from coffee pots, to thermostats, to security systems, to sound systems, to all else is -or will soon be- commanded by your smart phone, your voice, your fingerprint, your eye movements, or a flip of the proverbial switch. Remember that all of these devices must be interconnective and that all of the software updates for connected embedded devices must be both reliable and secure.  

You may also choose to designate a small space central to your family members’ comings and goings as a dock station to recharge phones, tablets, computers, etc. This designated dock station space will serve as a reminder to everyone in the household to plug in devices that need to be plugged. It may also put an end to the franticness involved with “where’s my phone...I can’t remember where I left it!”



Textures are everywhere this year...wall coverings, fabrics, accessories, furnishings. Nubby throws over a couch or chair; nubby throw rugs underneath a cerused wood table that highlights the unique grain of the wood; cane, rattan, and wicker chairs and benches; animal inspired fabrics and wall coverings; nailhead designs on light fixtures, furnishings, storage chests, walls. Think about cork walls and/or floors to warm up your home. Consider terracotta tiles for backsplashes and flooring options. Choose textures you like the best and use those textures selectively. None of these trends is about all or nothing at all.


Fool Proof Fabrics

Stain resistant fabrics such as Crypton and faux leather are perfect for families. There are a myriad of choices out there in stain resistant fabrics so select and/or reupholster your furnishings with fabrics that everyone can use and enjoy without worries of spills or markings.



Neutrals and beiges still reign but this year they share the spotlight with blacks, shadow greys and jewel tones inspired by metallics, metals, quartz, cosmos and clouds. Amethyst, lavender, rose quartz, and blush are great focal colors for select spaces and accent pieces such as cushions and bed heads. And green, all shades but mostly dark green, is welcome anywhere in the home in forms such as rugs, tiles, plants, glasses, serving pieces.


Matte Appliances

Select your smart appliances with a matte finish this year. Stone inspired (remember this year’s “texture” trend?), a matte finish hides smudges and fingerprints more effectively than stainless and it blends impeccably with other color choices you may highlight in your kitchen.


Combining Past and Present

This is your year to showcase your love of antiques, hand crafted/quirky/customized pieces and ultra contemporary design all together in your home. Even within period architecture, anything goes. Enjoy the whimsy and romance of combining all aspects of your taste, passions, and appreciation for excellence in your choices for lighting, furnishings, accessories, and everything else.


Art Inspired Wallpaper

Wallpaper is definitely back ...did it ever go away? You and your family members may choose to have a wall of all your Instagram shots or Warhol’s Marilyns or Rothenberg’s Horses.  


Repurposed Pieces

What was once a door may now be a table or bench. What was once a needlepoint cushion may now be an end table or night stand. 


Mixed Metals

Nothing warms up a home like metals. They also add color and texture to solid, sometimes flat spaces and surfaces. Brass, gold, plaster, silver, nickel, bronze, marble as singular choices, or mixing them up, add focal points as well as continuity throughout the home. 


Outdoor Shed Quarters

Consider turning a small, unused structure on your property that is outside the home into a “shed quarters” space. Shed quarters space is a spinoff term of the “tiny” house movement -small square footage allotments and maximum functionality- that began a couple of years ago. The shed quarters space could be used as a hybrid space for a home based business, a meeting space for family friends/colleagues, a studio space for art and/or music, a home gym, a children’s playroom or clubhouse, a yoga studio.  

Which one of these 2017 home design trends resonate the most with you and your family’s needs and tastes? I hope this provides you with some inspiration as we head into another year of opportunities and possibilities for your home. Enjoy!