Hadar is not just a real estate agent; she's a dedicated partner who provides an unparalleled suite of services to her clients. Her approach begins with a profound understanding of the local market, offering a unique pricing strategy tailored to your neighborhood's micro-market. She enhances the presentation of your home with professional HDR photography, high-end video production, and captivating aerial drone footage. Hadar partners with a luxury Graphic Designer to craft exquisite property brochures and postcards.

To market your property, she employs a multi-faceted strategy that includes email blasts to an extensive network of real estate agents and her personal contacts, as well as a strong social media presence and strategic online ads to target ideal buyers. Your property is listed on the MLS and syndicated to major home search websites. Hadar also arranges catered events and strategically placed signage to drive attendance to open houses. Her commitment to excellence in every aspect ensures a seamless and rewarding real estate experience for her clients.


buying with hadar

As your dedicated Buying Agent, Hadar transforms the journey of acquiring your dream home into an exhilarating and gratifying experience. She masterfully orchestrates every aspect of the process to alleviate stress, guiding you along a customized path to your goals.

Hadar's unwavering dedication extends to crafting experiences that are not only deeply personalized but also marked by genuine collaboration to cater to your unique needs.

Discover the array of services and advantages awaiting you at every stage of your home-buying expedition with Hadar

home-buying with Hadar

Discover the array of services and advantages awaiting you at every stage of your home-buying expedition with Hadar

Hadar's home search service is all about making the process uniquely yours. Leveraging her financial contacts and extensive connections, she doesn't just help you figure out your budget and find the best financing options – she tailors everything to your individual needs. Because, let's face it, everyone has a different story and different preferences. She skillfully identifies the perfect property type and neighborhood, taking into account individual needs and current market conditions. Clients benefit from real-time updates on new listings that align with their specific criteria and gain exclusive access to off-market opportunities through Hadar's extensive network.


Property viewings are seamlessly coordinated, with Hadar serving as a personal tour guide, providing in-depth insights into each home, including its unique selling points and neighborhood features, such as schools, parks, and more. This comprehensive knowledge is critical in the home purchase and decision-making process. Additionally, she provides meticulous support in reviewing property disclosures to ensure that no critical details are overlooked during the home search process.

Count on Hadar's unparalleled expertise when it comes to formulating a winning offer strategy tailored to secure your dream home. With a deep understanding of the local real estate market, including neighborhood-specific insights and a thorough analysis of recently sold comparable properties, Hadar ensures that your offer stands out from the rest. She'll walk you through each step of the intricate offer process, providing invaluable guidance on standard real estate procedures, regulations, and contingencies. When it's time to make your move, trust Hadar to lead you to success in securing the home you desire.


At the heart of her role is Hadar's unwavering commitment to securing the absolute BEST POSSIBLE PRICE for you. Her negotiation prowess ensures that you won't spend a single unnecessary dollar during the transaction. With Hadar by your side, you have the advantage of around-the-clock availability, so even last-minute developments won't undermine your pursuit of the home of your dreams. She orchestrates a seamless and genuinely stress-free process, making your real estate journey not just successful, but also cost-effective.

Escrow is a pivotal phase in any real estate transaction, and Hadar recognizes its significance. She takes a hands-on approach, ensuring that you have absolute clarity and unwavering support throughout the entire escrow process. Hadar meticulously reviews all purchase documents with you, ensuring that you are not only fully informed but also comfortable with every detail.


As a skilled intermediary, Hadar acts as a vital bridge, facilitating effective communication with the sellers and their real estate agent to promptly address any issues that may arise, all while keeping your best interests front and center. She also oversees the timely execution of any necessary repairs, ensuring that the process remains streamlined and on course.


Moreover, Hadar takes the helm in orchestrating the efficient and punctual conclusion of your purchase. This entails close collaboration with Escrow Officers, Title Companies, Insurance Agents, and other essential stakeholders to guarantee a smooth and triumphant finale to your real estate journey. With Hadar, you can trust that your path to homeownership is not only well-guided but also seamlessly executed.

Beyond the home purchase, Hadar goes above and beyond to assist with your relocation needs, offering invaluable recommendations for vendors, school information, utility providers, and any additional support you might require. Her dedication doesn't conclude with a single transaction; she's firmly committed to serving all your real estate needs throughout your lifetime.


When you choose Hadar as your real estate agent, you're not just gaining a partner for a single purchase; you're welcoming a lifelong ally. Hadar's mission is to provide a genuinely seamless, five-star home-buying experience that leaves you so impressed that you can't imagine embarking on any real estate journey without her by your side. Her goal is to be a lasting and trusted presence in your real estate life, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction and success in all your property endeavors. With Hadar, you're not just a client; you're part of a long-term partnership dedicated to your real estate journey.


Selling with hadar

As your dedicated Listing Agent, Hadar's unwavering commitment is to maximize the value of your property, ensuring it sells for the highest possible price. Her relentless efforts are focused on enhancing your home's visibility and desirability in the market, all with the singular goal of delivering outstanding financial results for you. Hadar's success in selling homes is rooted in a deep understanding of local market dynamics and an exceptional Marketing Plan that sets your property apart, attracting the most qualified buyers.

Throughout the process of selling your home, Hadar provides a comprehensive array of services and advantages, all geared towards ensuring your property journey is not only seamless but also highly profitable. Her strategic negotiation skills are instrumental in securing the best possible terms for you, making certain that you achieve the optimal outcome in every transaction.

Home-selling with Hadar

Throughout the process of selling your home, Hadar leverages her fierce negotiation skills and provides a comprehensive range of services and advantages, ensuring your property journey is not only seamless but also maximally profitable.

Hadar employs a cutting-edge pricing strategy meticulously tailored to your neighborhood's micro-market, ensuring your home realizes its maximum value. She takes great pride in her expertise in property preparation, recognizing its pivotal role in securing top-dollar offers. Hadar offers exclusive access to a top-tier team of vendors, including seasoned stagers, skilled painters, and landscaping experts, among others, to prepare your home for a top-dollar sale.


Going above and beyond, Hadar also facilitates trusted contractor referrals and coordinates essential services such as cleaning and moving. Moreover, she efficiently manages scheduling, oversight, and interpretation of inspections, streamlining the selling process for maximum effectiveness. With a firm commitment to managing the entire process from start to finish, Hadar's goal is to transform the often complex task of selling a home into an efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable experience for her clients.

With over 13 years of real estate experience, Hadar is renowned as one of Silicon Valley's top marketing experts. When you sell your home with her, you get someone with the most comprehensive digital marketing experience and expertise in the industry. She has been using digital marketing strategies since she started selling real estate and, in addition, manages the scheduling, oversight, and interpretation of inspections, making the selling process as efficient and effective as possible. She takes pride in the fact that she manages the entire process from start to finish, as selling a home is never an easy process, and her goal is to make it as efficient, stress-free, and enjoyable as possible. Hadar enhances the marketing of your home with an array of premium services, including professional HDR photography, high-end video production, a 3D Matterport interactive tour, captivating aerial drone footage, and a customized interactive website. As a finishing touch, she also delivers meticulously designed digital marketing. These elements combine to ensure that your property is presented in the most compelling and memorable way, attracting potential buyers and driving the best possible results for your home sale; this is how I ensure I obtain the highest price for your home without leaving any money on the table.


Hadar employs the talents of a professional writer to craft compelling marketing copy and partners with a luxury Graphic Designer to create exquisite property brochures and postcards, all printed on high-end cardstock. These premium services elevate the presentation of your property, ensuring that it leaves a lasting impression and garners maximum interest from potential buyers.

Hadar leaves absolutely no stone unturned when it comes to marketing your property. Her approach is nothing short of a relentless pursuit of success. With a multi-faceted strategy, she fearlessly taps into extensive networks and resources, employing a powerhouse combination of tactics that are guaranteed to win. This includes deploying email blasts to an extensive real estate agent database, leveraging her expansive personal and business network, and sending out direct mail postcards to captivate local potential buyers.


Furthermore, Hadar harnesses the full force of her substantial social media presence, strategically targeting audiences on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter with unwavering determination. She also deploys online ads that are not just targeted but meticulously calibrated to reach the ideal buyers for your home. 


Your property gets the kind of exposure that leaves an indelible mark, as it is not merely listed on the MLS but rather unleashed across the most influential home search websites. On Hadar's own website, your property takes center stage as the "Featured Property," while attention-grabbing "For Sale" signs are paired with readily available brochures for passers-by. But that's just the beginning of her aggressive approach.


Hadar goes beyond the ordinary by hosting events and broker tours for top-tier real estate agents in the Bay Area. Finally, her extensive and strategic signage campaign is not just for show – it's a calculated move to drive unparalleled attendance to open houses. With Hadar, your property is guaranteed to conquer the market and seize the attention of the widest and most pertinent audience.

When it comes to selling your home, Hadar offers an all-encompassing and unwavering commitment that extends far beyond the typical real estate transaction. She goes the extra mile to assist you throughout the process, offering valuable recommendations for vendors, movers, school information, leisure activities, and any additional support you may need as a home seller who has moved on to their new adventure. Her dedication doesn't conclude with a single sale; she's committed to serving all your future real estate and lifestyle needs, ensuring that you have a trusted partner by your side for years to come.


Hadar's ultimate goal is not just to provide you with a seamless and impressive selling experience but to exceed your expectations to the extent that you feel confident referring her to your friends, family, and colleagues. By delivering exceptional service and results, Hadar aims to earn your trust, becoming the go-to resource for all your real estate endeavors and ensuring your continued satisfaction and success.

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Whether you are looking to buy or sell a home, you can put your trust in Hadar Guibara, a life-long Silicon Valley resident who's eager to help you achieve your real estate dreams and protect your investment.

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