Relocating to Silicon Valley? Here are 6 things you need to know.


With so many people moving to Silicon Valley over the last several years, I wanted to share some tips on how to get the most out of your moving experience.  The key to relocating to Silicon Valley – or moving out of it – is ORGANIZATION.  By following the tips below, you’ll be amazed at how much easier your move is, not only during packing and transport but also during the settling-in process in your new home.1. Start with a file.  Keep everything relating to your relocation in one place, i.e., to-do lists, contact info for phone companies, utilities providers, schools, etc., a chart showing when things need to be done, and any other strategic information.

2. Make a packing center.  Set aside one area within your home to keep all packing supplies: boxes, tape, labels, envelopes, scissors, markers, bubble wrap and other items.  Don’t let these things wind up all over the house and cause you to have to go looking for them.

3. Spring cleaning.  No matter what time of year you’re relocating, use it as a time to do some spring cleaning – or more specifically, some spring ditching-stuff-you-no-longer-need.  Shave down.  Lighten the load.  You’ll thank yourself when you see how much less is headed for the truck on moving day.

4. Item-tracking.  This tactic will save you time and woe, guaranteed.  Keep a list of the items that you put into each packing box, which you will number.  You don’t have to write down every single item in a box, but definitely try to keep related items together so unpacking will be easier and faster.

5. Safeguard valuables.  Gold, jewelry, legal and financial documents and anything else of particular value should be kept with you, not boxed up for the moving company to handle.  Carry these items in a valise or small suitcase that never gets out of your sight.

6. Triple check before leaving.  As each room is depleted of your belongings, walk through to make sure nothing was left.  When the whole house is “empty,” it wouldn’t hurt for two people to walk separately through it, looking closely.  You have to assume that anything left behind will never be recovered.

I hope these tips will help you to plan and execute your move.  If you’re considering relocating to Silicon Valley, I would be happy to share my knowledge of our neighborhoods, home styles, demographics, schools and more.  Call me at (650) 947-2942, or go to my website and learn about 11 fabulous Silicon Valley cities and towns, one of which just may offer the lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of.

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