Woodside tops the 100 highest-income places list

Among U.S. places with at least 1,000 households, Woodside enjoys the highest per capita income - $120,366.  Also on that exclusive list are Portola Valley #7/$99,621, and Hillsborough #9/$98,643.Per capita income is determined by dividing the total income of an area by the number of residents within it.  This can make the final number deceiving because residents factored in include children, who earn little to no money.

With 23, California leads the list of “places” (could be cities, towns or unincorporated areas) with the highest incomes.  Next closest was New York with 11.  Other Silicon Valley communities within this group include #14 Los Altos Hills and #92 Los Altos.

Twenty-three of the 50 U.S. states are represented on the list, which is part of a Wikipedia article last modified in April 2014.

Taking a look at average household income, Woodside’s is $222,986, placing it below only Atherton among Silicon Valley cities and towns.

Located in the western sector of Silicon Valley, north of Portola Valley and west of Menlo Park, Woodside’s real estate market is in line with its #1 spot on the highest-income places list.  Of the current 47 properties on the market, nine come with price tags of over $10 million.  The most expensive home is a massive 9,000-square-foot estate with nine bedrooms, selling for $69.8 million.

Woodside is a charming, high-end community with a population of 5,287 residing within just 11.7 square miles of prime Silicon Valley land lush with redwood, oak and eucalyptus trees.

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