How to Host the Perfect Open House

One of the most important—and most stressful—events of selling a home is hosting your first open house. Here are some helpful tips to help you prepare for the big day.If living in your home while selling...

  • Don’t cook fish the day of—or even a few days prior to—the open house
  • Don’t leave pet food lying around and consider removing your pets
  • Don’t leave smelly workout clothes in your hamper
  • Don’t leave wet clothes in the washer
  • Don’t leave anything bizarre in your closet or cupboards (e.g. strange Halloween costume or inappropriate items)
  • Don’t have political or inappropriate books on your shelves
  • Don’t leave your diploma hanging on the wall. Yes, buyers judge your education 
and assume your financial situational
  • Don’t have a strange piece of art on the wall (e.g. nude photo) – it will be a focal 
point or a distraction
  • Don’t do fresh flowers. Flowers die in a few days and can smell.
  • No smells. If you have a mold issue, smoked in your home or a there is a funny 
smell in your home, have it professionally removed. Buyers’ noses are extremely 
  • Don’t hang around the open house. That is not a good use of your time (and you 
should trust your agent to sell your home!)
  • You can light a mild-scented candle or bake fresh cookies several hours before 
the open – no harm in enjoying cookies before your open!

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