Guess which Silicon Valley homes took top dollar in 2014 . . .

With just a few weeks left in 2014, let’s take a look at what will likely end up being the 10 most expensive homes sold in Silicon Valley during this busy year.Not surprisingly, six of the 10 homes are in Atherton, with prices ranging from $13.5 million to $18.9 million. The highest-priced home sold this year was in Hillsborough and went for $22.8 million. Palo Alto has two homes on the list. Woodside has one.

If you’ve been keeping up with real estate market trends in the Valley, you’ve heard a lot about the speed at which homes are being bought. It’s not uncommon for homes in some cities to barely last two weeks before a buyer closes the deal. Two homes on our top 10 list defied that trend.

A 9,571-square-foot home in Woodside that sold for $16,950,000 languished on the market for 238 days. A five-bedroom, nine-bath home in Atherton nearly took up permanent residence on the MLS, with 362 days of availability.

The other eight homes lasted an average of just 16 days on the market. The $22.8 million Hillsborough home, with 12 bedrooms and 15 bathrooms within an enormous 35,000 square feet was sold in less than a day.

Another interesting piece of this is the age of the homes. Five homes were 65 years old or older. Three were seven years old or less. One was less than a year old – it was in Atherton and sold in 10 days.

Finally, all the homes except one received between five and eight bids. The big house in Hillsborough received 12.

Here’s the whole list showing the city/town and price paid.

1. Hillsborough $22,800,000 2. Palo Alto $19,880,000 3. Atherton $18,900,000 4. Woodside $16,950,000 5. Atherton $15,300,000 6. Atherton $15,000,000 7. Palo Alto $15,000,000 8. Atherton $14,800,000 9. Atherton $13,998,000 10. Atherton $13,500,000

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