Kidpower, our 1% for Good Beneficiary | Q3 2017


Sereno Group Palo Alto is pleased to announce that its 1% for Good beneficiary for Q3, 2017, is Kidpower. From now through September, 2017, our office will contribute 1% of its gross earnings to Kidpower, a growing international non-profit “...dedicated to working together to build cultures of caring, respect and safety for everyone throughout the world.”

Headquartered here in Palo Alto, Kidpower came into being in 1989 through the inspiration of its founder, Irene van der Zande, and the resolve of its founding board president, Ellen Bass.  Its vision is to prepare children, teens, adults and people with special needs to prevent and stopbullying, abuse, harassment, assault, and other forms of emotional, social, and physical violence. 

Kidpower has served over 4.5 million people in some 40 U.S. and international locations. All of its services and programs are aligned with evidence based prevention and positive child and youth best practices, and the NON-Fear Based Successful Practice Method. Services include a free online library, workshops for all ages, training, and professional development.  

Among the many topics available online for free in article and video formats are
“Face Bullying with Confidence - 8 Skills Kids Can Use Right Now” 
“Why Affection and Teasing Should Be a Child’s Choice”  
“Tragic Shootings - How Can We Protect Our Loved Ones and Ourselves from Violent Attack?” 

Workshops for all ages focus on issues of Safety, Protection, Starting Strong, etc. Schools, community groups, business entities, etc. are invited to self generate interest topics that address their specific needs and target groups. Additionally, Kidpower offers curriculum guides and teaching materials (available in 10 languages), online and real time training and consultation, and books, posters, T-shirts, etc. Registration is now available for the Kidpower Child Protection Institute, designed for professionals from all disciplines and parents, July 31- August 2, 2017.

The Palo Alto office of the Sereno Group invites you to join us in our support of Kidpower. Give the gift of safety to your community.

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