Dear Seller from Hopeful Buyer


Chances are that the house you’d love to own has a large fan club of other potential buyers. How can you improve your odds of being the accepted offer among a crowd of others in a highly competitive housing market? One strategy that has historically helped in Silicon Valley is to write a personal letter to the seller explaining why you would be the best new owner!

Here are some tips to help potential buyers effectively explain their case to sellers in a position to choose the best offer:

First, put yourself in the seller's shoes. Let the seller know that this house, presently their house, is the house you want to make your home now and into the future. Tell the seller that the character of their home mirrors your needs, your wants, your aesthetics. Let the seller know how much you appreciate the care, thoughtfulness and maintenance they have put into their home over the years.  You may choose to define specific things that you most appreciate about the house such as the the kitchen layout and your choice of materials (tiles, granite, fixtures), the landscaping, the natural light, the ease and functionality of the master suite and bathroom, etc.

Secondly, identify two or three reasons that make you the best buyer for the house.You might mention your love of the community, parks, neighborhood and schools. Highlight key areas of your resume that relate to the desirability of the house. For example, the commute between this house and work is a short one for you and/or your spouse. Describe the lifestyle and dreams of your family and how this house, school system, etc. are compatible with those aspects of your lives.

End the letter with clarity and appreciation. Remind the seller of your best qualities as the ideal buyers for the house. Remind the seller how much you appreciate their care of and choices they’ve made for the house. And thank the sellers for their time in reading your letter as well as thoughtfully considering your offer.

Absolute DO’s...make sure you double/triple check for spelling and/or grammar mistakes. Write short, simple sentences that anyone, even a five year old, can understand. Read the letter aloud to make sure it sounds like a human being wrote it. Close the letter as you would a business letter. Be professional. Be positive. Be a winner.

Absolute DON’T’ not mention any ideas you might have remodeling or changing the house. Do not mention that several other houses have slipped through your fingers, that you desperately need to move now.  

And lastly, feel free to include a photo (or a few!) to showcase yourself, your family and/or your pets! 

Good luck in finding and buying your dream house!