10 Books A Home, our 1% for Good Beneficiary | Q4 2017


Sereno Group Palo Alto is pleased to announce that 10 Books A Home is the recipient of its 1% For Good for Q4, 2017. Each quarter, we donate 1% of our gross earnings to a local non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals, families and our community.

Conceived by Paul Thiebaut and operating out of his Palo Alto apartment in the early years, 10 Books A Home (10BH) became an official 501(C)3 non-profit in 2009. Its mission is to “cultivate intrinsic learning motivations (ILMs) in pre-schoolers living in high poverty communities.”  

Translation...foster and build learning techniques in pre-schoolers by tapping into ILMs or subject matter that individual young children want to know.  For example, if a child loves music, teach counting, speech patterns, the alphabet, memory retention, etc. by using musical instruments, singing, rhythm, staphs, etc.  If a child loves sports, use balls, sports cards, game announcing, collaborative teamwork, etc. to teach physical coordination, adding and percentages, memory retention, physics, strategic forecasting.

10BH is dedicated to serving pre-school kids ages 3-5 years and their parents living in the Ravenswood School District (East Palo Alto and East Menlo Park) where the high poverty rate approaches 100%.  Some 80% of these kids enter kindergarten at least 3 months behind in skills and academic readiness and, if not supported adequately, remain at least 3 months behind throughout their elementary and secondary school careers.  Of these 80% who start off behind, 60% drop out of school all together annually.

This evidence based, mission driven non-profit provides one-on-one tutoring every week to every 10BH child for two years.  Parent(s) of the child participate in every lesson with their child and the volunteer in order that the parents can observe their child in the action of learning and to learn necessary teaching skills and techniques so they can work with their child in between the weekly tutoring sessions.  Additionally, each 10BH child has weekly homework assigned to them along with instructions and materials for them to do during the week between their next 10BH lesson.

The goal of 10BH is for every child to start kindergarten above grade level so they have solid footing upon which to compete in real school and real world environments.  By building upon a child’s interests and their natural learning motivations, 10BH works with all types of learners within the Ravenswood School District...children with autism, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy, down syndrome, dyslexia, speech delays, etc.  This academic year, 10BH is on track to provide services and training to approximately 200 children, 690 families and 200 volunteers.  

The immediate future looks bright for 10BH.  The program is expanding into San Jose in 2018;  the Applied Services Research firm has been enlisted to do a one year longitudinal study funded by the Chan-Zuckerberg Foundation; the medical staff at Stanford Hospital actively refers its patients for services; local and regional school districts are requesting ILM training for their teachers.

To make the future even brighter for 10BH and the children and families it serves within high poverty areas, Sereno Group Palo Alto invites you to contribute to 10 Books A Home with a financial donation, your time as a volunteer and/or your generosity of necessary materials and supplies. Already, 10BH uses regular report cards to chart the progress of its served children, its techniques and its vision in the Ravenswood School District.  With your support 10 Books A Home has the very real possibility of using regular report cards to chart and institute satellite service and teaching programs well beyond our region for the benefit of our children and families living in high poverty areas nation-wide.   

To learn more about the 10 Books A Home, please visit www.10BooksAHome.org.