10 Ways to Make a Small Bathroom Look Bigger


When decorating their house, people tend to focus on the big master and kids’ bathrooms, leaving the smaller powder rooms and guest bathrooms as an afterthought.  But with a little attention to detail, you can make these rooms feel airy and spacious, and just like the kind of room you want to spend time in.

1. Paint it Light  
Whether you’re going all white or using light grey or warm beige, you want the color of the room to reflect as much light as possible.  You also want to blur the boundaries of walls and ceiling to make the room feel bigger so paint them the same color.

2. Go Monochrome  
The less distinction between items in the room, the bigger the room will feel.  Interior designers say white is the easiest color to monochrome since your sink, toilet and bathtub are likely white already.  And if you’re scared all white would be too boring or blah, add texture with towels, tiled walls and floors, wallpaper, light fixtures, and even plants.

3. Let There be Light
The brighter the room, the bigger it feels.  So make sure you have multiple sources of light within the bathroom.  if you have a window, use sheer curtains to let in as much natural light as possible and install wall sconces and a ceiling light.  When choosing light bulbs, opt for bright white instead of warmer, yellow tones.

4. Create Flattering Lines
To make the bathroom look bigger, accent a longer wall with a single, thin shelf.  Or you can install different tile, or even a strip of color running its length. If your bathroom already feels long and narrow, make it appear wider by laying rectangular tile in rows perpendicular to the long walls.  This will have the effect of pushing the walls away from each other.

5. Go Big and Bold with the Mirrors
Mirrors reflect light and can thus make any room feel airy and more spacious.  If the bathroom sink is against a narrow wall, consider a mirror that takes up the width of that wall.  It will reflect the maximum amount of light and it won’t break the wall up into pieces, thus giving the room the illusion of being that much bigger.

6. Install a Clear Glass Shower
Frosted glass and metal frames have the effect of separating the shower from the rest of the bathroom, which makes the entire room feel smaller.  With clear glass doors and walls, there’s the illusion the shower is a usable part of the room, which makes it feel bigger.

7. Use a Sliding Instead of Swinging Door
Depending on the hinge and placement of the opening, a swinging door can take up half the bathroom.  To prevent this from happening, install a door that slides open and closed on a rod or track above the door opening.

8. Add Recessed Storage.  
If your space is already small, you don’t want to intrude on it more with bulky storage.  If you can, add recessed shelves or cabinets that take up interior wall space, not physical space in the room.

9. Declutter
The more items in a room, the smaller it feels so a good rule of thumb is: if you don’t use it every day, store it somewhere else.  Decluttering will have the added benefit of reducing the need for a vanity below the sink which can appear bulky in a small bathroom and break up the space.

10.  Install a Pedestal Sink
Once you’ve added recessed shelving and decluttered the bathroom, there’s no need for that bulky vanity under the sink. Pedestal sinks make the room feel lighter and can add an interesting design detail to the space.

Designing for a small bathroom can be challenging but by employing even a few of the above tips, you can turn a tiny cave into an airy sanctuary that people want to be in.