“My wife and I were connected with Hadar through a mutual friend who spoke very highly of Hadar and her amazing work in real estate in the Bay Area. Hadar lived up to and exceeded all of our expectations. Our experience working with Hadar and her team was flawless. We were specifically looking for a rental in the Bay Area as we were exploring the options to move from one coast to another. Hadar planned an entire day committed to our search, picked us up, had a binder prepared of all of the listings and their details, and also helped move things around to accommodate our schedule. Hadar was an absolute delight and I would gladly recommend her any time! Thank you Hadar!”

- Linden H. -
Sep 15, 2018

“My wife and I just bought a home with Hadar as our realtor. 5-stars for being outstanding in so many ways. Let's make a list: 

1. Hadar is an incredibly knowledgeable, outgoing, positive, and honest person. Her upbeat demeanor mixed an unpretentious attitude makes her a joy to be around. 

2. Customer service skills - top notch. When we agreed to have her as our realtor, she invited us to her office on our schedule, walked us through what should be a complex process that she makes straightforward and easy to understand. Also, when it came time to see some houses, she drove us around for almost three hours to four homes (that weren't particularly close to each other) based on criteria she asked us to provide prior. Moreover, she is so so so highly attentive and responsive, and she makes herself available for important events or just to answer basic questions. She texts regularly and puts time aside for phone calls as you need them (within reason). Not to mention the lovely gift basket we received after closing on our home.

3. Hadar inspires confidence throughout the process. Buying a home in the Bay Area is a daunting task, and it could go wrong at many different turns. Hadar has so much experience and knows the process so well that she makes it that much easier of a process. Also, her team and she work so well together that we received requested documentation (e.g. disclosure packets) asap, and they made the documentation process to go from offer to closing smooth and seamless. Last, when we had some minor issues with the title company and the HOA three weeks after close, she was still solving problems for us. So much less to worry about.

4. Hadar listens and cares -- she wants you to find the home you want, not a place she thinks is best for you. For example, our initial open houses were not inspiring. But, we clarified our criteria with her, and she was great at helping us select open houses, weigh the pros and cons, investigate the disclosure packet thoroughly and thoughtfully, and was ready to always listen and help more. 

Highly recommended. She helped us find a home we really enjoy in about four months, and we thought it was going to take 2-3 times as long. Thank you Hadar!!”

- Tyler R -

Aug 29, 2018

"We had a great experience working with Hadar, and would do it again in a heartbeat. Hadar genuinely cares about her clients, and it really shows. She worked enthusiastically every single day to make sure we found the right home for us. She's professional yet friendly. She's busy yet always available/accessible and does a great job making you feel like you're her only client. She readily helped us even after closing when we were having difficulty reaching the builder for some warranty issues. Thank you, Hadar! We really appreciated your optimism, energy and enthusiasm in finding us our perfect home."

- Sidharth K -

Oct 16, 2017

"We've now bought two homes and sold one with Hadar and I'm way overdue on sharing our amazing experience working with her. Hadar makes the buying and selling process feel efficient, smooth, and near effortless since she works so hard behind the scenes to plan and execute and take care of all the details. She is exactly the person you'd want in the intense SF Bay area market - she seems to know everyone here (and everyone loves her!) and her connections, knowledge of the market, fierceness to win for her clients, and customized offer strategies have helped us get the houses we wanted both times. It feels like you have a secret weapon in this market when you've got Hadar.

I was most impressed working with her on selling our home though - it was a huge project and she blew us away with her thoughtful, super efficient, and clear plans and schedule, unparalleled marketing, wonderful vendors (for staging, cleaning etc), and how hands off we could be with Hadar at the helm. The house sold above well above offer after 4 days on the market. 

She seems to work at all hours and does whatever is needed to get the outcome we wanted! For example, when we bought our first house with her, she learned about the sellers through her connections, customized our offer with a personal letter and photos, presented in person to the sellers, and then sat there texting the seller's agent to get updates as the other offers were being presented to see if we needed to modify anything before we potentially lost out. We won against 4 other offers that way! Hadar clearly does not shy away from a challenge, and fought so hard to win for us. 

I also don't know how she always makes us feel like her top priority each time (even when I know she's working with other clients) and was able to meet and talk to us any time we wanted (even when I later realized she was at celebration dinners etc - you would never be able to tell). She also goes above and beyond and helped with so many recommendations and misc things whenever there was any issue or we didn't know what to do to help us transition smoothly to each house. She's superwoman. I'm so spoiled after working with Hadar now though - I wish everyone I worked with was this good at what they do!!"

- Yael G -

Oct 20,2017

“I recently had the pleasure of working with Hadar on the sale of a house and the entire experience was amazing.  From my first email exchange with her to the last phone call I always felt completely comfortable trusting her with the largest transaction I've ever made.  She's a consummate professional and was able to navigate some unusual circumstances with the sale of our house.  She provided invaluable advice on numerous occasions and looking back on them they were all the right choices.  

She also did an amazing job transforming the house from looking just okay to looking amazing for the listing photos and open house.   

On top of being a professional and having a great team she's also very warm and personable and I felt like part of the family.  

At the end of the day we ended up receiving multiple offers on the house and selling for above list.  

I'd normally be hesitant to recommend a realtor because it's such a high stakes transaction but I'd 100% recommend Hadar to anyone looking for a realtor to help with buying/selling a property.”

- Jonah M. -
Sep 4, 2018

"Our family had the pleasure of meeting Hadar through a friend that had a great experience with her.  We had been looking in the Los Altos/ Mountain View area for a couple years and didn't have any luck winning bids.  Within one week of meeting Hadar, she showed us a home that perfectly matched our criteria and worked some magic getting us in contract.  I also feel like she really went to bat for us when we were negotiating the price.  She's extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and very dependable. We've referred her to several friends already"

- Stephanie H -

Feb 5, 2015

"Hadar was such an incredible realtor to work with! My husband and I were looking for a home on the Peninsula, and Hadar not only sent us all the listings that met our criteria, she was also knowledgeable on the area and available to meet with us at the drop of a hat (daytime, evenings, weekends, anytime). Hadar was super flexible, and walked us through the purchase process every step of the way. She presented us in person for each home we put an offer on - I've heard that this is very rare as many realtors tend to take the "easier" route of emailing your offer in. Hadar stayed on top of the mortgage broker and escrow to ensure we closed on time.  And she treated us as if we were her only clients, even though I know this wasn't the case. We couldn't have asked to work with a better realtor!"

- Ariel F -

Mar 21, 2012

"Hadar is so great to work with in all of the ways I needed her to be and more. She is local and knows the market very well. Her planning and execution were flawless. She was able to satisfy all parties involved, not a small feat, and she has the rare ability to be strategic and detail-oriented at the same time. She's communicative, super organized and ultra professional. What I appreciated most about our work together is her responsiveness and forward-looking and optimistic attitude"

- Susan T -

Jun 23, 2016

"If you're reading these reviews because you are trying to find a real estate agent, I'd say stop and call Hadar.  I simply can't recommend her highly enough"

- Sharif S -

Nov 17, 2014

"My husband and I started looking for our first home a few weeks ago and Hadar went above and beyond to meet our criteria of what we were looking for in our perfect place. She is so knowledgeable of the Bay Area and the neighborhoods, easily answering any questions we had about restaurants to try, school districts, local events, even where the closest Whole Foods was! YES! After only a short search, we found our perfect home, made and offer and it was accepted! Hadar walked us through the process and made us feel extremely comfortable about the purchase. We can't thank her enough for all of her hard work and dedication! We not only found a fantastic realtor, we made a great friend! Thank you, Hadar!"

- Natalie C -

Sep 5, 2014

“My husband and I recently purchased our first home and had an incredible experience working with Hadar. From the outset she has been our rock and helped to guide us through the largest and most daunting financial decision of our lives. In the beginning she took time to walk us through each detail of buying a home from the initial steps through all the paperwork. Then to help us get to know different areas and neighborhoods in the peninsula, she drove us around and showed us various houses to help us get a feel for what we were looking for. She is not pushy in any way and we were able to look for homes at our own pace. When we did need her, she was happy to answer all our calls, texts, and emails.

We always thought we'd have to settle living in such an expensive area, but Hadar helped us find our actual dream home. When we had difficulty getting paperwork and plans from the selling agent Hadar went above and beyond to get us everything we needed in a matter of days in order to make an early offer. Because of this we were able to make an offer before anyone else and she helped us on our negotiation strategy. Overall, Hadar has helped us every step of the way, and we could not have done this without her.

Hadar's dedication to her clients is unparalleled and I could not have imagined working with anyone else. Her constant positive attitude, deep knowledge of the bay area, and perfect attention to detail are just a few of her amazing qualities. We cannot recommend Hadar enough and if you are lucky enough to work with her you'll see immediately that you are in great hands.”

- Elizabeth S. -
Sep 7, 2018

"Considering how competitive the housing market is here in the Bay Area, we couldn't help but feel overwhelmed and a bit discouraged when we began our search. But Hadar never had a doubt that we would find something fantastic within our budget--she was so positive, and absolutely committed to finding us our dream home (no matter how many houses she had to show us in the meantime). One of the things that struck me from the beginning was that she is clearly not afraid to put in the work! And work for us she did! When we finally found a home we LOVED we knew it would draw a lot of offers; and, frankly, we were doubtful we could get it. But, as soon as we let Hadar know that this was the house we wanted, she was on a mission! She very carefully and expertly guided us in coming up with the best offer package we could, and then she WOWED the sellers (and their realtor!) when she presented our offer. We were stunned and thrilled when our offer was accepted, and we absolutely credit Hadar with getting us our dream home (although she's too humble to take the credit). To say Hadar exceeded our expectations is an understatement. We feel so lucky to have had her on our side during the adventure that was home buying, and we will remain forever grateful to her"

-Miriam S-
Sep 19, 2014

"Hadar was the best realtor I have ever worked with! I recently moved from Toronto, Canada to the Bay Area. Hadar listened to my needs, explained tradeoffs, made recommendations and presented several homes.  She was extremely patient and understanding. I could reach out to her anytime.  She was always available to answer questions, provide further insight and in general go above and beyond in any way possible.  Her style was very enthusiastic, super positive, knowledgeable and trustworthy.Working with Hadar made finding a home in the Bay area fun and rewarding. She is truly a one-of-a kind professional who brings the human aspect into her work"

- Tony S -

Jan 11, 2013

"I would highly recommend Hadar as an agent.  She is very hard-working, responsive, and efficient. She was on top of every aspect of our search and closing process. She was always accessible and has a very positive, can-do attitude and is just a delightful person. I never had to worry whether she would follow through on the things she said she would. Hadar was an absolute pleasure to work with. I cannot recommend her highly enough"

- Helen S -

Mar 23, 2014

"Hadar was amazing. She has a ton of knowledge on the Los Altos area, and is strategic in navigating the offer/negotiation process. She is also very consultative. Specifically, she spent a lot of time with us, getting to know what we liked and didn't like, etc early in the process to quickly hone in and bring us only the most relevant exciting properties.  She went above and beyond, often meeting us during off hours, at our house, etc and organized things that may likely be outside the scope of what a typical real estate agent does.  And, she is genuinely a great person, positive, and fun/easy to work with...which goes a long way in what can be a stressful process. I'd highly recommend Hadar!"

- Ryan M -

Aug 9, 2012


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