The Biggest Interior Design Trends You’ll Be Seeing in 2018

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The start of a new year presents the perfect opportunity to do something a little different with your home! Get inspired with the hottest interior design trends you’re bound to see everywhere this year.

Deep, dark walls painted in rich midnight blues and charcoals are certain to create a dramatic look.  Select an accent wall to make a statement and then use warm, inviting neutrals with caramel, honey and cream tones to invite family and friends into the space.  Warm red accents in occasional accessories and artwork will render a soft sheen to the room.  

Reinforce that softness with mixed metals features throughout the home.  Whether it be hardware or accessories, mixing levels of shine, or warm and cool metal tones adds texture and dimension to a space.

Florals oversized and everywhere in fabrics for drapery, wall coverings, chairs and pillows provide bold statements.  For a more modest look, use florals with vases, dinnerware, accessories.

Velvety, jeweled tones are everywhere in 2018. From couches to rugs to pillows, using velvet adds both luxury and coziness to any room. Start small with a chair or throw blanket. Go larger with an ottoman or couch.

Marbling was a popular trend of 2017 and is expected to keep popping up throughout 2018.  It’s no longer just for kitchen counters, it shows up on chairs, furniture and art pieces. Marbling also pairs nicely with organic olive and soft grays or blues.

Vibrant colors are used as accents and as features.  Look for deep teal that is often toned up with greens and fuchsias or toned down with charcoals or creams; twilight or a deep navy blue lends a timeless quality to rooms and can also mix with metals and cream accents; a ripe red adds confidence, decadence, succulence and “the fashion and the passion” according to HGTVHOME’s design director, Nancy Fire; and burnt yellow with a touch of curry, tumeric and/or beet opens and enlivens the space.  Don’t be afraid to mix and match bold colors to add a little fun to any space.

Tribal patterns started making a name for themselves towards the close of 2017 and will become much more prominent in 2018. Vintage tribal will be especially favored, seen everywhere from large area rugs to couches.

Know that a “little of something” can go a long way.  And, know that your house is your home…make it that way.