Think you know Mountain View? Take this trivia test!

It’s funny how you can live in or around an area for years and never really know that much about it. On the other hand, some folks immerse themselves in the region in which they live and can tell you pieces of trivia you never knew existed. Here’s a fun quiz that will reveal how much you really know about Mountain View. (Answers below.)1. Mountain View was named for its view of A. The San Gabriel Mountains B. The Santa Inez Mountains C. The Santa Cruz Mountains

2. The city was originally A. A gold-mining hub B. A stagecoach stop C. A postal annex

3. In 1956, William Shockley established a company in Mountain View that led to the region being called Silicon Valley. What was the name of the company? A. W.S. Enterprises B. Shockley Research Laboratories C. Shockley Semiconductor Laboratory

4. Between 1950 and 1960, Mountain View’s population grew by A. 370% B. 412% C 485%

5. The city is run by what form of government? A. Commission-mayor B. Council-manager C. Council-mayor

6. A unique element of the Mountain View real estate market is A. Homes spend fewer days on the market before being sold than in many other Silicon Valley communities B. Home prices have remained relatively stable for two years, with little fluctuation C. The most expensive homes in Silicon Valley are often found here

7. Which Mountain View restaurant has been rated by the Michelin Guide? A. Shana Thai B. Chez TJ C. Scratch

8. One of the most popular festivals in the city is the annual A. Mountain View Art & Wine Festival B. Mountain View Bluegrass Jamboree C. Mountain View Founder’s Day Parade & Banquet

9. Shoreline, Eagle, Dana and Charleston are all names of A. Streets B. Schools C. Parks

10. Arrow Development of Mountain View (now defunct) was once known for what? A. Building many of Disneyland’s original rides B. Laying down much of the rail system in the Bay Area C. Constructing Candlestick Park

There’s a lot to learn and know about Mountain View – much more than we covered in this short quiz. Two good places to get plenty of useful and trivial facts include the Mountain View Wikipedia page and the City of Mountain View’s official website.

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