Test your Silicon Valley IQ

How much do you know about Silicon Valley and the places that make up our beautiful region?  It’s time to find out with this fun quiz.  (Answers are at the end.)1. What event venue built in 1986 sits atop a landfill?

A. Bing Concert Hall at Stanford University

B. Fox Theatre

C. Shoreline Amphitheatre

2. In which city do nearly 70 percent of residents hold advanced academic degrees?

A. Atherton

B. Menlo Park

C. Woodside

3. The port in what city is the only deepwater port on San Francisco Bay south of San Francisco?

A. Los Altos

B. Redwood City

C. San Carlos

4. Yahoo!, NetApp and Juniper Networks are all headquartered in what city?

A. Sunnyvale

B. Woodside

C. Palo Alto

5. What percentage of venture capital investments in the U.S. are made in Silicon Valley?

A. 15%

B. 54%

C. 33%

6. The first published use of the term “Silicon Valley” came in a series of articles in the weekly trade newspaper Electronic News.  What year did this occur?

A. 1971

B. 1973

C. 1975

7. What nationality accounts for 17 percent of Silicon Valley high-tech CEOs since 1980?

A. Indian

B. Canadian

C. Chinese

8. What city name means “the heights” in Spanish?

A. Los Altos

B. Palo Alto

C. Portola Valley

9. What celebrity once lived in Atherton?

A. Suzanne Somers

B. Shirley Temple

C. Mary Pickford

10. In which city were parts of the TV show Dynasty filmed?

A. Redwood City

B. Woodside

C. Los Altos Hills

Here are the answers: 

1. C. Shoreline Amphitheatre

2. C. Woodside

3. B. Redwood City

4. A. Sunnyvale

5. C. 33%

6. A. 1971

7. C. Chinese

8. A. Los Altos

9. B. Shirley Temple

10. B. Woodside

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