So you want to live in Los Altos Hills?

Los Altos Hills is unquestionably one of the more exclusive communities in Silicon Valley – and in the whole United States, for that matter. Stunning mansions and plush, tree-lined streets are just the start of living in this strictly residential community. Though only 8.8 square miles in size and with a population of fewer than 8,000, Los Altos Hills residents enjoy plenty of activities, recreation, entertainment, shopping and dining in nearby Mountain View, Cupertino and Palo Alto.But it’s the homes that draw so many people here. And in this current competitive market, finding a home in Los Altos Hills can be challenging due to a shrinking inventory and a large number of interested and qualified buyers. But don’t be deterred: somebody has to get into these lovely homes, and it might as well be you. Just plan your home search, do your homework and keep at it.

Currently on the Los Altos Hills homes market there are 24 magnificent properties available. Prices range from $27,000,000 to just under $2.2 million. Like many communities in Silicon Valley, Los Altos Hills typically has homes available in a wide price range, making it a perfect living experience for young couples moving up in their careers, established corporate leaders and those ending successful careers and are seeking an idyllic retirement lifestyle.

What is life like in Los Altos Hills?

As noted, this is a residential community, with no zoning for industrial or commercial activity. You won’t find a post office, library or telephone exchange here. All new homes must be built on lots encompassing a minimum of one acre.

A unique element of Los Altos Hills is the large number of committees that work together to keep the lifestyle here pristine, safe and enjoyable. Committees tackle such issues as parks, open spaces, education, finance and investment and many environmental concerns. It’s truly a community that works hard for its own betterment.

Parents with children enjoy great educational opportunities in local school districts. Covington Elementary School in Los Altos was named a 2014 California Distinguished School. Los Altos High School and Georgina P. Blach Intermediate School of Los Altos were both California Distinguished Schools in 2013.

Did you know?

• One of the most expensive homes ever sold in Silicon Valley was bought in 2011 by venture capitalist Yuri Milner for $100 million. • In 2000, the largest home in Silicon Valley (at the time) was built in Los Altos Hills. It was assessed by the county at 18,000 square feet, but the assessment didn’t take into account a huge below-ground area that raised the square-footage number considerably. • Los Altos Hills has a Pathway system comprised of 85 miles of paths and trails weaving through and connecting much of the community.

If you want to know more about living in Los Altos Hills, why not pay a visit? You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn when you see this relaxed yet vibrant community first-hand.

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