Sereno Group gives $10,000 gift to local senior center

Los Altos Senior CenterThe Los Altos Senior Center is the latest recipient of proceeds from Sereno Group’s 1% for Good program, which we wrote about a little while back.  The total of the donation was $10,372.59. Each quarter, Realtors in Sereno Group’s Los Altos office give one percent of their home-sales commissions to a worthy local organization.  It was during a visit to the center last summer that Sereno Group members determined that the financial assistance they could contribute to the center would positively impact both operations and individuals served by the center.

The Los Altos Senior Center, located at 97 Hillview Ave, provides individuals aged 50 and older with numerous programs and volunteer opportunities.  Programs and services include:

  • Classes
  • Special events
  • Trips
  • In-home repair
  • Notary services
  • Resource center
  • Referral services

Assistance to the center and to seniors within our area is provided in part by the Senior Commission, which consults with city councils in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills on issues relating to the senior population.  But regardless of the level of human assistance, organizations like the Los Altos Senior Center are always in need of financial assistance.

One percent of Sereno Group agent commissions for the first quarter of 2014 will go to benefit the Sunnyvale Community Services backpacks for children program.  To date, 1% for Good has helped other worthy organizations such as Magical Bridge Project, Paralyzed Veterans, CancerCare Point and Grind for Hunger.

Sereno Group was recognized by the Silicon Valley Business Journal as one of the top 50 Santa Clara County philanthropic corporate organizations.  We’re proud of that honor, and we’re committed to working hard to help support other great organizations and causes in need during the coming years.