It’s time to deal with Information Age clutter in your home

Electronics clutter in your homeAre your home electronics getting out of control?  Do you feel like your whole world is nothing but wires and gadgets?  Is the amount of time you spend searching for things – a phone charger, that DVD you bought last week – greater than the time you spend using them?  Don’t panic.  The solution is simpler than you think.You may have a slew of all the latest electronic gadgets and accessories, but there’s no reason for your living spaces to look like a Best Buy after a hurricane rampaged through it.  Organization is the key.  With proper organization, you’ll stop wasting time hunting and end the frustration that comes with knowing (thinking) you put something in a specific place only to have it “disappear.”

Home office

If you have a cluttered work station at home, you know how difficult it is to get things done.  Bite the bullet and set aside an hour (or several) to:

  • De-tangle, segregate and wrap all associated wires/cables
  • File or throw away all loose pieces of paper
  • Remove from the work station anything that doesn’t support the job you do there
  • Create a space to neatly store books, magazines, notebooks, etc., so they’ll be handy
  • Clean and dust everything

Computer accessories

People who have used computers for any length of time likely have accumulated some accessories such as power cords, USB cables, toner and ink cartridges, applications and programs, owners manuals and who knows what else.  If you’re like a lot of people, your accessories aren’t all in one convenient place.  Fix it.

Make a space – ideally near your computer work station – to store all computer-related items.  This can be as simple as a sturdy storage tote for larger items and a drawer or shelf section for smaller items.  Go around the house and find every accessory that’s floating around, and bring them home where they belong.

Movies and games

If your movies and games are stored on various entertainment center shelves, on the floor, in the magazine rack, between the couch cushions, on top of the microwave in the kitchen for reasons no one knows, and other various and haphazard places, it’s time to get organized.

First, determine the single place you want all these items to be stored.  Depending on the number of items, it could be a crate, several shelves near the television or in binders designed to hold CDs and DVDs.  As to your game boxes and DVD players, put them in convenient places, de-tangle wires and do a thorough dusting/cleaning.

Phones and chargers

If there are several phones and other mobile devices in your home – which there probably are – consider turning a small space on a shelf or counter into your charging and storage center.  Here is where everyone’s charger can go, or you can purchase a multi-unit charging station.  This practice means no more dead phones due to lost chargers.  (Keep all paperwork related to these devices here, as well.)

So this is how to get organized.  The trick to staying organized is really very easy: leave each area in the same condition in which you found it.  Basically, that means always putting things in the places you’ve determined they should go.