Neighborhood Building


When you bought or moved into your home, chances are you chose your neighborhood just as much you chose your house. Your home “worked” for your needs and desires just as your neighborhood’s proximity to schools, parks, services, shopping, entertainment worked for your lifestyle. Just as the overall architectural aesthetics of the homes surrounding yours worked. Just as the spaces, uses, gardens between the homes worked. 

I have found over the years that clients who purchase homes are equally as excited about immersing themselves into their new living space as they are into the community they are purchasing in. Moving into a new neighborhood can be exciting in so many ways! How do you build community in your neighborhood to make it a happier, more safe, more fun place in which to live?

Here are some neighborhood building suggestions that can, in many cases, be created and enjoyed by all ages:

Set up a Caring Club or Caring Force to help each other

  • Share errands and meals when someone needs help
  • Set up a tool sharing library
  • Hire neighborhood kids for appropriate tasks and pay them fairly
  • Check up on elderly neighbors regularly
  • Carpool or ride-share to local churches and/or events
  • Organize CPR training
  • Set up emergency preparedness procedures and network
  • Be considerate of each other’s outdoor space in terms of noise, machinery use, party scheduling
  • Be good pet neighbors

Community Events

  • Wine tastings
  • Holiday parties
  • Progressive dinners
  • Start a movie club, a dinner club, a book club
  • Monthly meet and greet
  • Neighborhood house tours for chosen charity
  • Arts and crafts show
  • Small music event

Communicate with each other

  • Utilize or create your own neighborhood website/blog to post necessary information and common interest topics
  • Create a neighborhood newsletter that highlights events, people
  • Organize a walk, hike and/or bike ride
  • Share emergency contact numbers

Community Projects

  • Plant a community garden
  • Create a playground
  • Paint the street curbs
  • Plant perennials, hang porch swings, place benches in front yards to make them more friendly and welcoming

Please use these suggestions as starting points. Add your own ideas and enjoy building your dream neighborhood!