Where are the best places for new dads to work in Silicon Valley?


It’s not just expectant and new mothers that forward-thinking companies extend benefits to. New dads who work in Silicon Valley are also benefitting with a variety of perks designed to make the transition into fatherhood more comfortable, productive and rewarding.In April, New York-based parenting resource Fatherly.com put up its annual “50 Best Places To Work For New Dads,” and on that list several local tech companies earned high honors, including the #1 and #2 spots.

The list, according to Fatherly, “shines a spotlight on the companies that are redefining the relationship between employer and employee — the ones recognizing that when parents can provide for their families without sacrificing time with them, it doesn't simply benefit the employee. It benefits the company's own bottom line.”

New dads who work in Silicon Valley

Fatherly placed Google as the best company for new dads among many reviewed throughout the United States. Facebook followed at number two. Other Silicon Valley companies making the list included Genetech Inc. (San Francisco, #6), LinkedIn Corp. (Mountain View, #7), Yahoo Inc. (Sunnyvale, #13) and Intuit (Mountain View, #29).

The firms on the list were selected for creating workplaces that were most beneficial to working dads. Criteria that Fatherly took into consideration included paternity leave, flexibility in work hours, programs for family support, employee benefits, job security and company culture.

The companies named as the best had at least 1,000 employees and provided at least one week of paternity leave.


Google gives new dads and moms 12 weeks of paid leave following the birth of a child, providing the employee will be taking a primary role in caring for the baby. The search giant doesn’t see this as a loss. Nearly a decade ago, it upped its paid maternity leave policy from 12 to 18 weeks and discovered that moms coming back from this respite quit working for the company at half the rate that returning moms did previously.

(While the State of California now requires companies with more than 50 employees to provide 12 weeks of “childhood bonding,” it doesn’t require companies to pay employees for this time off.)

Other perks for new parents at Google include: • Four childcare centers near company headquarters • Consultation to help parents determine their best options • Nanny agency discounts • Five days of free back-up childcare • $500 for baby bonding


If Facebook is where you work in Silicon Valley and if you’re a new parent, you’ll enjoy plenty of benefits. A big one is $4,000 to help with all the costs involved in caring for a new baby – whether it was born to the parents or adopted by them. Families also receive subsidies for daycare.

In addition, Facebook’s health plan includes $20,000 for family planning and fertility needs such as egg freezing, sperm retrieval and surrogacy agency fees.

For more information on Google’s and Facebook’s perks for new dads and Fatherly’s rationale for choosing its top 50 companies, check out this article from the Silicon Valley Business Journal.