Avenidas - Sereno Group’s 1% for Good Beneficiary this Quarter


Avenidas, a non-profit organization serving +50 years old adults and their families in Palo Alto since 1969, is the recipient of Sereno Group’s 1% for Good benefactions during 2017 Q1. Specifically, Sereno Group’s Palo Alto Realtors will contribute one percent of their gross compensation to the Avenidas Capital Campaign in order to best serve its +6,500 yearly members.

The financial goal of the Avenidas Capital Campaign is $18M of which $15.5M has already been raised. It is now up to local businesses, initiatives such as Sereno Group’s 1% for Good, families and individuals to contribute resources to help the Avenidas Capital Campaign achieve the balance of this goal.

The program and service goals of the Avenidas Capital Campaign are to enhance and make more efficient its existing, historically landmarked building, and to create a new state-of-the-art facility designed specifically to better serve the physical and socialization needs of the sprouting senior population in Palo Alto.

Everything about the facility -building materials, equipment, and services/classes/programs offered- will be “friendly” to aging, more brittle bodies and joints. “Softer” wood flooring rather than concrete slab flooring on which to teach exercise and flexibility classes; dedicated classes and equipment for visually and/or hearing impaired members; classes on improving balance, nutrition and independent living skills; language (re)learning; technology classes geared to training members and families to utilize 21st century devices and applications; lectures; counseling services; handyman training and services; transportation assistance and ongoing socialization opportunities are just some of the areas to be housed in this newly built facility. Additionally, this facility will both open itself and reach out to the community to encourage intergenerational interactions and connections.

For more than 50 years, Avenidas remains in the forefront providing services, equipment, wellness classes and opportunities to assist 50+ year old members and families live independently and safely at a low or no cost.

Please join Sereno Group’s 1% for Good initiative in supporting the efforts and goals of the Avenidas Capital Campaign. This well respected, long standing local non-profit organization is essential to the overall health of our community, and to the aging adults and families who continue to contribute so much to our community. 

To learn more about the Avenidas Capital Campaign, please visit www.avenidas.org or contact Mary Hohensee, Avenidas Development Vice President at 650-289-5400.