All Students Matter - Sereno Group's 1% For Good Q4 Beneficiary


Sereno Group’s 1% for Good initiative is pleased to recognize and benefit the efforts and dedication of All Students Matter during this fourth quarter, October through December. One percent of gross sales by all real estate agents in the Sereno Group Palo Alto office will be donated to All Students Matter. Since its inception in 2012, the Sereno Group 1% for Good program has raised and donated over $1M to local non-profit organizations.

All Students Matter, a volunteer teaching assistance program that helps 1,600 students in grades K-4 within the Ravenswood School District, is built upon the premise that every child, regardless of socioeconomic and school preparedness factors, deserves equal chances to learn.

Having equal chances for these underserved East Menlo Park/East Palo Alto school children is not a given. 95% of the students are low income, 75% are English Language learners, 88% are math deficient, 83% are reading below grade level and 33% live in unstable housing conditions such as shelters, foster care and/or all together homelessness.

"Every child deserves equal chances to learn"

All Students Matter and its 200 trained volunteers provide equal chances to learn by offering reliable, consistent, and customized learning opportunities in reading and math to the same students in the same classrooms every week throughout the entire school year.  Not wondering who the volunteer might be, when the volunteer might show up or where. The student sees, works, and learns with the same volunteer in the same place at the same time throughout the academic year from the first week of school until the last.   

Across the board, 100% of Ravenswood School District teachers and principals signify the life changing impact that All Students Matter volunteers have on their students. Reading, math skills, and scores go up.  Confidence levels rise.  Anxiety indicators go down.

Please support All Students Matter with you contributions and time.  This Palo Alto nonprofit makes happen the words, “All Big Changes Start Small.”