San Carlos is a beautiful enclave in Silicon Valley where new development has modernized and expanded housing options, but the downtown still has a quaint, small-town feel.  The city is nestled between Edgewood Natural Park to the west and the San Francisco Bay to the east, giving its approximate 30,000 residents easy access to outdoor recreation.  It’s also located halfway down the Peninsula, making it ideal for people commuting either north or south.

The land encompassing San Carlos was originally inhabited by the Ohlone tribe, then by Spanish settlers starting in the late 1700s.  In fact, it wasn’t until 1854 that the first American bought a ranch in the San Carlos area. After that, the city of San Carlos was built slowly by volunteers who wanted to invest in their community.

Perhaps because of that history, San Carlos is still a close-knit community its residents take pride in maintaining.  New development is thoughtfully planned and executed with the lifestyles of locals in mind and schools continue to receive high marks from both parents and educators.  Whether you have kids or are just looking for a quaint enclave amidst the bustling Silicon Valley, San Carlos could be the place for you.